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AVerMedia’s NO135K Receives 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award

Taipei, Taiwan – Nov 3rd, 2021 – AVerMedia, an Edge AI Computing solutions provider, has proudly received the 2022 Taiwan Excellence award from the Taiwan Ministry of Economic Affairs. The award aims to recognize AVerMedia’s remarkable achievement in covering four major aspects of “R&D”, “Design”, “Quality”, and “Marketing” in delivering an outstanding product that offers “Innovative Value” while being “Made in Taiwan”.

“We are extremely thrilled to receive this award as a testament to our unwavering focus on designing industry-specific high-performance edge AI computing devices. Looking towards 2022, we expect to continue close collaboration with our global partners, enabling them with AI capabilities while equipping the frontline workforce with advanced rugged solutions,” said Enid Chiu, Marketing Communications Manager, AVerMedia.

The NO135K is specifically designed for fleet management and utilizes AI to improve fleet efficiency and minimize maintenance costs while improving driver and road safety. The NO135K is powered by the NVIDIA® Jetson Nano and is capable of high-performance AI computations for a wide range of sensors.

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